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Christian Missionary Work Patagonia

Patagonia Mission April 25th to June 10th 2018

Addiction is a chronic, progressive and fatal disease if left untreated. Drug and alcohol addiction tears families apart, ruins relationships and depletes our spirituality. Our Christian faith calls us to teach and lead children and youth through Jesus’ example. By his example, we are called to give children special attention enabling them to be free from harm (Matthew 19:13-15 NRSV). Alarming statistics make it clear that in many countries have not given the proper attention to the use of alcohol and other drugs by children and youth and that as a society, we tolerate access to alcohol and other drugs by underage young people. For example, it is illegal in most places to sell or give alcoholic beverages to those under 21, and illicit use and sale of controlled substances is a crime at any age, yet more than a third of children begin using alcohol before they are teens and one in ten young teens is a regular user of marijuana and other drugs. Research shows that alcohol and other drugs bring harm to growing bodies and minds. Young people with inner stamina, self-esteem, and a strong and vital faith can more readily say, “no” to alcohol and other drugs.

To address this critical problem, our ministry is including programs of addictions prevention in school system in different countries.

Come and help to present the gospel to those one’s who are suffering. We call upon all people to pray and give moral and financial support to our program to realize this call.

Jesus is the only answer to every one.



D Fuentes-Missionary


Dos hermanos se encontraron frente al barco que salía rumbo a África.

Buenos días hermano James, buenos días hermano Charles.

Mira- dijo el hermano James con un aire de orgullo, “he venido para ver sarpar a este barco que llevará la ayuda del dinero para las misiones y misioneros en África, yo he reunido la cantidad de $10.000 dólares”…

¿Y tú? ¿Qué haces aquí?

Yo hermano James, como Ud sabe, no dispongo de recursos para hacer lo que Ud hace, pero he dispuesto en las manos de Dios lo único que puedo ofrecer, he venido para tomar ese barco pues he ofrendado mi vida para ser un misionero.

Quizás alguno diga, “tan pobre que soy, como poder tener mas, para aportar en la obra del Señor”…

. hermano mio, el Señor no dice en su palabra, ¡hijo mio dame hoy tu dinero! No, Él dice: “Hijo mio dame hoy tu CORAZÓN”

Ofréndate al Señor.